Things to do when buying real estate

There is so much to consider when buying real estate and trying to get on the property ladder. It can cause so much stress and anxiety but it’s simple if you follow certain steps to help get you there. Here are some tips / points I have put together to help –

Ensure your finances are in check 

First things first is ensuring that your finances are all in order. You can have any bad debt if you want to apply for a mortgage. You have to have a good to excellent credit score. If you do have any bad debt or CCJ’s you will have to ensure these are cleared before you do apply , CCJ’s can stay on your file for up to 6 years.

Go and see a real estate adviser 

This was great for us as the real estate advisor told us what we could afford , the type of deposit we would need and also what type of interest the mortgage would have. He also applied for mortgages in principle to see if we would be accepted. It’s really important to read all of the small print when you are signing for a mortgage to ensure that you are not mis-sold the mortgage in any way , if you were later down the line you could put in a claim. Also real estate education courses would be a really useful thing to look in to are tutorials like Homewyse they provide some amazing tutorials to help with this.

Ensure that you have extra money to pay legal fees

Not only do you have to find the huge deposit which is enough in itself. You then need money to pay the conveyancing fees and for the legal fees. This all needs to be paid just before the mortgage goes through. Realistically you need to add-on £2000-£3000 for this.

Consider property crowdfunding 

There is a new concept called property crowd funding , this is fab for first time buyers and helping you to get on the property ladder. Companies like UOWN allow people to invest in property and receive any rental income monthly.  You have complete flexibility and control over your investing. By pulling your resources with thousands of UOWNers you could easily get that food on the property ladder.

Find out if you have to pay stamp duty 

Some properties come with a condition of paying stamp duty when you buy them. If you house is worth under £300,000 then you will not have to pay stamp duty anything above you do. You can check google for more info on this.

Be patient and expect delays 

One thing I learnt when buying real estate is that not everything will get done and signed on the dotted line quickly. You will be given rough dates but these will not be met in most cases. We were ringing and chasing right to the last-minute. Everything in the world of house buying seems to take an eternity. But with all the right info and education you will get the hang of it.

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