Party scrabble

Planning a party with Melvin brewing

No matter what the reason you are throwing a party, you want it to be remembered for all the right reasons. I love planning a party and thinking about the themes,who you will invite, what you will eat etc.  You want your guests to really have the best time and enjoy themselves, everyone always wants to throw the best party and one that will be remembered. Here are a few things you can do to plan a great party –


Start with a fabulous invitation that stands out from the rest. Your invite will set the tone for the whole event. It should have all the information they need such as location, date and time, but other than that something light-hearted is usually good as that suggests a fun time before they even get there. You can also design your own on sites like Moonpig.

Guests That Get On Together

Make sure you invite a good set of guests that all get on together and that they are a fun lot of people that will get the party started.


Your surprise could be to hire picture booths for some fun pictures, have a jazz band playing the music, a magician performing their tricks or maybe the local bakery to turn up with hot fresh bread and delicious desserts that no one knew was coming. It does not matter what the surprise is as long as it is unexpected.

Great Food And Drink

You do not have to have a sit-down meal to provide your guests with great food at your party. What you can be sure of is that they will mix and match and eat whatever foods take their fancy, and you cannot be blamed because they did not like their meal. You have not got to stand and prepare all this food yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to but things ready-made from the local takeaways, as long as you remove all the packaging it came in.

This way, they serve themselves, and you could do something similar with the drinks. You do not want to have to serve drinks all evening,so why not make a few pitchers of cocktails and let everyone help themselves to them too. There are loads of great types of drinks you can serve at the party – wine, gin, fizz or beer Melvin Brewing have a great range of craft beer.


Games can be a great way to get people chatting and relaxed. They don’t have to be anything silly, and in some ways, the classics such as charades and trivia quizzes are the best. These types of games are timeless, and never become dated, because they are fun, and you can easily update them so that they’re more contemporary or risque or whatever, depending on your crowd and what you want to do. Google have loads of ideas for games online.

Board games can be too much hassle, and you do not want anything that is too competitive, or you could set people against each other. Teams games are good though, as they foster a spirit of togetherness, which always helps any party to go with a swing.

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