How to improve your look for something special

In life there can be many important life events – your wedding, 40th birthday etc – you want to feel happy and confident, as well as look back on the pictures with feelings of joy. So what exactly can you do to ensure those snaps turn out amazing and you’re happy with your appearance in them?

Work on your physique

Many people aim to lose weight in time for a special event day, even slimming down a couple of pounds can mean everything fits that little bit nicer. But even if you don’t need or want to lose weight, you can still improve your physique with exercise. A mixture of cardio and weight training will sculpt and shape your body.

Find the right outfit 

Regardless of what shape or size you are, there’s a perfect outfit out there for you. The key is to find out what suits and flatters you; if you’re a fashion lover you will probably already have an idea of this but if not, go to a boutique and try on some different designs.

Treat your hair

As women, our hair is such a huge part of our identity. It’s why drastically changing your hair colour and length can be so shocking and almost make you feel like a different person. You’ll of course want your hair to look its very best on your special day, so spend the months in the run up to your big day getting it in the best condition possible.

Have a chop to get rid of all of the split ends and then treat your hair to weekly masks, oils and treatments. If you’re considering changing the colour or length, do this a few months ahead of time so you can make sure that you like it.

Get gorgeous skin

Glowing skin will make you look radiant in your photos. Of course you’ll have makeup on your big day, but you want to provide the artist with the best blank canvas you can. Build a skincare routine and stick to it. If you have any skin issues such as acne or rosacea, speak to your GP who can get you on the right medication. Be sure to take your makeup off before bed, and as well as daily moisturising treat your skin to weekly masks and treatments based on your skin complaints.

Consider a procedure

If you’re a little insecure about a part of your body, you could always consider having a procedure done in time for your big day you can search Google for information. Whether it’s a more serious surgical procedure like a face lift or a non surgical option like fat freezing, Botox or lip fillers you have lots of different options.

Plastic surgery is no longer taboo like it once was. While you’ll always need to spend time considering if it’s right for you. If you have a hang up with your appearance then these things allow you to change it. If it’s going to make you feel great on your big day and make you look gorgeous in your photos, why wouldn’t you?

Try out different makeup looks

If you’re new to makeup and don’t normally wear it, then playing around with some different products and looks can help you figure out what you want. Even if you hire a makeup artist for the big day, you’ll usually only get one trial and then your event makeup and so it makes sense to go into things already knowing what does and doesn’t work for you.

Since different skin tones will look different with various shades of makeup, it’s hard to tell just from a makeup image on Pinterest for example if that will look good on you. Try out some different lipsticks and colours, work out which eyeshadow looks best on your eyes and find out if you want a heavier makeup look for your big day or something very light and fresh.

*Collaborative post