Before we know it the winter months and will be creeping in and even now the mornings and evenings are darker. I do love the cosy evenings and snuggling up with the fire on. The only thing I don’t like is going out to the school run when it’s not fully light and also having things to do in the evening when it’s dark outside.

The police will always be there to help if you find yourself in a position where you have had a crime committed against you.

As the nights also draw in I worry about the potential of opportunist crimes etc. There are loads of ways to stay safe during the winter months and protect your home / car etc from crime , here are some of my top tips –

Ensure that all your locks on the doors are in working order 

Check over all of the locks in the house and ensure that they are all in working order , that they are not loose and do not have any loose screws etc. Also ensure if you are going out you double check that the doors are all locked.

Motion sensor lights 

These are fab for the front and back of the house , it;s nice to have that extra bit of security when you are coming home in the dark or going out in the dark mornings that you have some light and can see where you are going. They are also a good deterrent to stops thieves and opportunists. If you search Google you will find some good lights on offer.

Install deadlocks on the front and back doors 

These are great and give you that extra bit of security , they are simple to install and a simple lock at the top and bottom of the doors. A chain on the door is also a fab idea so that you don’t have to fully open the door when someone knocks and you’re not expecting someone or it’s late at night.

Protect yourself from being accused

Even though we are talking about protecting ourselves from criminals here you need to consider protecting ourselves from being accused of a criminal act. Criminals are very clever especially if they are caught out ! You need to ensure you have good CCTV to prove what is happening in your own home ! And if you do fight back with a criminal or defend yourself you have to ensure you have covered your own tracks. It is also a good idea to have a criminal defense attorney.

Get some wireless CCTV cameras 

These can be picked up cheaply these days , you can even get them at supermarkets. They are fab as you can watch activity on your phone even when you are away from home. They also act as a huge deterrent as if thieves see the camera they will be put off trying access.

Have a good alarm system 

A good old fashioned alarm system will always act as a good method of security and will help to deter thieves. You can search alarms and look for the best ones on money saving expert.

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