There are so many reasons you may have to use Font bundles in every day life for things like graphic design, crafting, if you are a teachers or student. You can also use them for school/hobby/work projects such as card making,web design, scrapbooks, branding, wedding stationery and more. The possibilities are endless and makes it so handy to buy font bundles to keep on your laptop permanently. 

Font Bundles is one of my favourite sites when it comes to different font designs. You can include these fonts on graphics, your handmade crafts, graphics for your social media, to include on your website and more.

What is Fontbundles all about ? 

Fontbundles is a font database used by bloggers, crafters, web and graphic designers. Their font bundles and free font bundles always have a huge variety of fonts ready for all of your font needs.

Gone are the complicated fonts and art that took a lifetime to design on Word or Publisher! With the arrival of sites like Font Bundles and adobe design programs life it now much easier and much prettier in fact. Online font makers have changed and updated so much and now make things a lot easier and save time.

The best way to build up your font collection is to use sites like Font Bundles which allow you to buy fonts and also there are loads of font free – this is fab as means you can build up your font collection quickly without spending a fortune too.

I absolutely love searching through all the different types of fonts and seeing what’s on offer ! There are so many different appealing types and something for all needs and tastes.

There are so many uses for the font designs – 

Birthday cards and invites 

If you have a birthday coming up for someone or you are having a party and want to create your own card/invites then you can with free and also paid for font bundles on the site. They have so many pretty and vibrant designs. They also make a great alternative to Urban Fonts too.

There are lots of font bundles on the Font Bundles website. They release new fonts all of the time too.  There is one main one per month and there are other one off  ones for crafts or handmade products. Designing a birthday card means there are loads of things to consider.  Things like graphics, backgrounds, colour schemes, and, of course, fonts for the greeting text too. Farmhouse lemonade font would be perfect for this. 

Scrapbook craft  

What a better was to treasure those memories from a holiday or special event. The mega best crafting collection bundle is just perfect for this as there are so many designs and pretty fonts to use. They can be used for headers and footers in the book – also for titles or to label pictures the possibilities are endless here and with so many fonts included it’s a complete bargain.

School work and projects

My two now have projects to do for home work and they love making books style projects and sticking in fonts and pictures along the way. Again Font Bundles is perfect for this too. Big bundle 23 fonts is such a lovely bundle for this type of work. With bold and vibrant fonts to make great headers and footers and to insert text underneath the pictures too.

Fonts for bloggers and web design 

This is something we use a lot in blogging and it’s built in to everything you do on your website. You have to make it attractive, bright and bold to the reader which is really important. The font also has to be really clear so that the reader can see what it is and what it is referring to. Fonts can be used for Logos, titles, subtitles and individual pages.

A Logo is one of the most important feature and has to be chosen with great care and thought. It can also be costly if you get someone to design it for you. With sites like Font Bundles this can help bring the cost down as you can design it yourself or even for free if you use the free font bundles too. Lovely adventures – a quirky hand written font is such a lovely one for a Logo or blog header. You can also search google to look for font resources too.

It is important to know how to use Font bundles – here is a quick and easy step by step guide

How to use Font Bundles Fonts

  • When you download a font file the free and paid for ones will be saved as a zip file.
  • You need to unzip the file and once you do this you will have a folder with the font in .ttf or .otf format or both. Some will also have a webfot option.
  • When printing and digital designs, your best option is always .otf
  • If you are using the fonts on a website, the choose the webfont.
  • You install tge font file by double clicking on on the files. They will open together and you will have a button that says “install font” you are then ready to use your font

The good thing about Font bundles is that you can actually test the font first by typing your chosen text out and seeing how it will actually look on your chosen channel. I have used other eites in the past that don’t give you this option and then you end up wasting time downloading fonts you are not happy with – this way does not waste time etc.  With Font Bundles you get to see first before you actually buy any of it.

Why don’t you go on over and take a look if you are in to crafting or are a graphic designer / blogger – I would love to know what you think. I would also love to hear what you think if you have already used it? Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please let me know, always happy to help.

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